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  • Director :Fellini T. P.
  • Story :Vini Vishwa Lal
  • Music Composer :Kailas Menon
  • Genre :Drama, Comedy, Political Satire
  • Duration :2 hrs 24 mins
Cast & Crew : Tovino Thomas, Samyuktha Menon, Surabhi Lakshmi
A political satire, Theevandi tells the tale of a chain smoker. The movie is all about his journey and it is interspersed with the rustic tales and politics of a village named Pullinadu, a handful of typical characters you would find in the setting and the local power wars between various factions into which the addiction problem is also sewn in. Debutante Samyukta has done justice to the character of Bineesh's lover girl Devi. Suraj Venjaramoodu, Saiju Kurup and others also do the needful to keep the proceedings entertaining. The movie also has good music and certain dialogues that can win applause from the audience for their honesty, though you have been hearing them around from the millennials for a while. It also deserves credit for taking up a subject that hasn't been explored much in our industry.