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  • Director :Ashraf Hamza
  • Genre :Comedy
  • Duration :2 Hrs
Cast & Crew : Vinay Fort, Grace Antony, John Clarinet
Sreenivasan is a 31-year-old college professor who has a hard time finding a match because of his plain looks and unassuming nature. Will he ever be able to find the love of his life?

Body shaming has been used as a template for humour in our films for many years, though on and off, there has been isolated attempts at normalising characters who are generally prone to the same. Thamaasha, starring Vinay Forrt and Chinnu in the lead, is a simple, sweet movie that tells a tale that most are familiar with, though in a hearty manner.

This film has got what it takes to both entertain and educate the audience and if what you care the most about isn't star power but moving cinema, Thamaasha deserves your time without a doubt.