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  • Director :Abrid Shine
  • Story :Paul Varghese, Abrid Shine
  • Script Writer :Abrid Shine
  • Music Composer :Faisal Razi, Gireesh Kuttan, Gopi Sundar (score)
  • Genre :Romance, Drama
  • Duration :2 hr 27 mins
Cast & Crew : Kalidas Jayaram
Poomaram is a Malayalam movie starring Kalidas Jayaram, Kunchacko Boban and Meera Jasmine in prominent roles. It is a drama directed by Abrid Shine.

A journey through a five-day university youth festival and the emotions it evokes

Be it 1983 or Action Hero Biju, there is something about Abrid Shine movies that makes them stand out from the crowd. Poomaram is no different.

Poomaram is a journey through five days of a university youth festival — a celebration of music, dance and literature bound together by friendships and the occasional politics of college life. At the centre of it all is Gautam (Kalidas Jayaram) and Irene (Neeta Pillai), the student leaders of the two top competing colleges, each aiming to win the coveted champions cup.