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Oru Pazhaya Bomb Kadha

  • Director :Shafi
  • Genre :Comedy, Drama
  • Duration :2 hrs 27 mins
Cast & Crew : Bibin George, Prayaga Martin
Sreekuttan (Bibin George) is a handicapped mechanic, who is immensely optimistic. Sreekuttan has a best friend in Bhavyan (Hareesh Perumanna) who is also a mechanic. Sreekuttan falls for Shruti (Prayaga Martin) and attempts to impress her. One day, Sreekuttan and Bhavyan are called to fix a car. The duo play some tricks on the car owner (Kalabhavan Shajohn), who turns out to be the new police inspector in town. He tries to get back at Sreekuttan and Bhavyan, which results in Sreekuttan being unable to get money to the hospital in time and as a result his father (Indrans) dies. This leads to small tiff between Sreekuttan and the policeman, in which Sreekuttan is severly beaten up. Now, Sreekuttan vows vengeance on the cop and plans to plant a bomb in his jeep. For that, he goes to meet his old friend Unni (Vishnu Unnikrishnan). Will Sreekuttan be able to take his revenge? What more twists lie ahead? All of this forms the story.