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  • Director :M. Padmakumar
  • Story :Shahi Kabir
  • Script Writer :Shahi Kabir
  • Genre :Suspense, Thriller
  • Duration :2 hr 27 mins
Cast & Crew : Joju George,Dileesh Pothan,Kijan R, Idavela Babu
Joseph is a retired police officer with adept investigative skills. He accidentally gets involved in a crime case after his ex-wife’s unexpected demise.

Joju George’s M Padmakumar directorial 'Joseph' is a brilliantly crafted investigative thriller that throws light on the life of a police officer. Joseph (Joju) and his friends enjoy their eventful retired lives where they do not miss any chance to get back to their police days whenever there is a mystery. Everybody around Joseph knows his investigative prowess.