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The Success Mantra of Mollywood

This is true that behind every single success lies a top- secret or Da Vinci code which holds all the paths to success. Crack that and there you stand with success in your hands. Not like any other film industries, it is evident that Malayalam film industry showcases a different kingdom to its audience and thus standing out this unique.

But this is important to know that what formula has led to the success gates of Mollywood. Let us have closer look on what the industry holds on for its audiences.

Indian film industry is emerging by way of each rising dawn and the cost of production has furthermore increased immensely. There are only a small number of films which get good feedback from Box office in this day and age. Here, the focus is to realize the key ingredients of Malayalam Film Industry which has led to such a move. These magical ingredients are the main contributions to this giant achievement of Mollywood in Indian film Industry.

US Malayalam Movies lists down a list of such ingredients:

-      Plot                                      - Cinematography

-     Casting Direction                   - Choice of locations

-     Film Promotion                      - Music direction

1.) Plot

A plot of a movie plays an important role in any film industry involving the realizations of real and reel life distinctions. A story or a concept or a plot of any movie plays a central role in the sensation of movie. From audience perspective there are not one but many criteria which they use to judge any movie. There are viewers who don’t care about the cast of the movie but simply focus on the story or plot which revolves around the movie.

Like, Ennu Ninte Moideen is a 2015 release Malayalam movie starring Prithviraj Sukumaran and Parvathy in lead roles. The movie is based on true love story of characters Moideen and Kanchanamala. Till the movie came up, many were still in the veil of ignorance. The movie was not just a box-office hit but also stole many hearts just by its influential plot. 

Likewise,Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi is based on real life story, but it was not known to many people. Every sequence and people in the movie was realistic and what was seen by him in his life. Venal Odungathe is another Malayalam movie which is based on a true story of an old couple fighting for their dead son's semen. The couple from Ernakulam wanted to use the semen to have a surrogate child, to replace their dead son. Salim Kumar, Seema Biswas and Bhagath played the lead roles in the film. The director of the movie, Sanjeev was touched by the story of the couple and decided to make it a film.

Celluloid is a memoir of the first film maker of Malayalam J. C. Daniel, who is also known as the father of Malayalam cinema. Prithviraj Sukumaran and Mamta Mohandas played the lead role in the movie of J C Daniel and his wife. The movie narrated the life of J C Daniel and the struggle he took to make his first movie and the issues related to it. Traffic, directed by Rajesh Pillai, was written by Bobby and Sanjay. The movie was made out of an inspiration from a true incident that occurred in Chennai. A parallel undertaking was effectively conceded out by the Tamil Nadu police in a more difficult Chennai city. 

2.) Cinematography

Now where there are people who look for the story around which the movie revolves there are some who prioritize their likings of the movies on the basis of cinematography of the movie.

Cinematography is the science or art of film photography by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as film stock. Most moviegoers have only an indistinguishable notion of this key aspect of filmmaking but whatever they have it makes them fall in love with one movie.

The cinematographer is responsible for all the visual elements of a film. He or she makes every creative choice related to composition, lighting, and camera motion—anything that audiences can see in a given shot.

With no delay let us know the cinematic wonders of Malayalam Film Industry. Following is a list of movies who won awards under this category:

-      Movies of Santosh Sivan:

  • Perumthachan 
  • Kaalapani 
  •  Anandabhadram       
  •  Urumi
  •  Makaramanju               

-  Movies of Madhu Ambat:

  • Makaramanju
  •  Adaminte Makan Abu 

-    Movies of Jomon T. John:

  •  Charlie 
  •     Ennu Ninte Moideen
  •    Beautiful


3.) Casting Direction

Casting is the selecting of actors to play the variety of roles. Every now and then, a part is written with a particular actor in mind, but usually not. The casting director can play a noteworthy role in the ultimate triumph or breakdown of the movie or TV show.

Of all other major elements which make a movie successful it is the cast which audience gets to know first. Cast is a crowd pulling source. For an immature/laid- back movie fan, cast would be the deciding step on whether to watch the movie or not. 

In Bollywood also two actors have left their mark in their own genre of acting. Amitabh Bachhaan and Sharukh Khan. Indian's can't imagine anyone else playing the roles they acted. 

4.) Choice of Locations

As emerging filmmakers, the industry might not have the money or power needed to gain access to many locations in which we wish to set our films. Dressing a set can get pretty spendy, as well. As a result, our decision-making process defaults to choosing whatever are available to us rather than what would serve our story better. 

But as the video demonstrates, so much potential exists in a location or the way a set is dressed. Settings can act as an extension of your character, helping to communicate their emotional state or inner thoughts. 

Famous Shooting Locations for Malayalam Movies:

-  Padmanabhapuram Palace located at Kanyakumari, is a main location for many movies like Manichitra thazhu, His Highness Abdulla and many more.

- Alappuzha, the Venice of East is not only famous for its coir production but also for its tempting exquisiteness. A lot of movies are shot here together with Tamil and Hindi. Films like Amen, Venicile Vyapari, Puthiya Theerangal, Bhagyadevatha, for the People etc were shot at Alappuzha.

- Bekal Fort has loads of super hit songs shot at Bekal Fort and which is shot at Kasaragod. It has been the location for many Malayalam films like Amritham.

-  Hill Palace is seen in not one but many films like Manichitra thazhu, Manathe kottaram. Hill Palace also known as Thripunithara Palace,which is now a museum, is located in Eranakulam,Kerala.

-  Vagamon is known for its panoramic view of this stunning place which will make anyone feel rejuvenated and delightful. Vagamon located at Kottayam- Idukki border in Kerala is a common place for many movies. The latest film 'Iyobinte Pusthakam' was completely shot here.

- Pollachi is famous place, with lots of markets, in Tamil Nadu. Pollachi is also a most seen place in Malayalam films. The recent film 'Ivan Maryadharaman' was shot completely at Pollachi. The scenes of movies like Bombay and Roja were also shot here.

- Bolgatty is an island in Kochi. The Bolgatty Palace, constructed by the Dutch, is a very popular tourist place in Kerala. The palace is seen in many films like 'Yes Boss', Nirakoottu etc.

8. Mercara (Madikeri), is the headquarters of Coorg in Karnataka. Mercara is a location space for many films. The fight scene from Kerala Varma Pazhassiraja is shot at this point. The Telugu version of Drishyam is in addition shot at Madikeri and a number of scenes of 'She Taxi' are also shot here.

- Thalasserry on the Malabar Coast in Kannur is meant to be a lucky place for Malayalam actor Nivin Pauly. His first movie Malarvadi Arts Club, Thattathin Marayathu, and the most up to date release Oru Vadakkan Selfie were also shot here.

- Varikkaserry Mana is to be found near Ottapalam in Palakkad, is common shooting location for a lot of films in Malayalam. The ancient 'Ettuketttu' model house is seen in many films like Devasuram, Aramthampura, Drona, Madambi, Rapakal, Thoovalkottaram, Simhasanam.


5.) Film Promotion

As soon as a movie is completed, the film crew begins with promoting it all the way through an assortment of means such as advertisements, websites, TV and so on which includes spending lot of money. In view of the fact that past decade with the coming on of digital technology a lot of money is being used up on movie ahead of it hits the theatre.
What we think is that a movie attracts people from beginning to end exclusively on its content. When the movie is to a certain extent good to watch it reaches other people through word of mouth.

 If no one knows on the subject of the film how would they know to go see it? 

Public Relation is always the area under discussion of creating awareness.  Just the once, awareness is created then you can build a hard sell and create excitement.  The movie biz has changed... it's all in relation to the opening weekend... only a small number of films that come out are now good enough to create a word of mouth.

6.) Music Direction

In the early years, the lyricists used to write down songs according to the tunes of popular Hindi as well as Tamil songs. On the other hand, the arrival of in style poets reminiscent of P. Bhaskaran (1950), O.N.V. Kurup (1955), Vayalar Rama Varma (1956) and gleaming music directors like V. Dakshinamurthy (1950), K. Raghavan (1954), G. Devarajan (1955) in addition to M.S. Babu Raj (1957) on the scene changed the state of affairs.

This reception of trend was followed by poets like Sreekumaran Thampy and Yusaf Ali Kecheri.  Among the before time playback singers were Kanukara Purushothaman, K.P. Udayabhanu and A.M. Raja. Well- liked female playback singers included P. Leela, Santha P.Nair, P. Susheela and Janaki.

Despite the fact that A.M. Raja, P. Susheela and Janaki hailed from Andhra Pradesh, Malayalis had no shill- shilling in accepting them as Kerala's own singers. In a while many such singers from outside Kerala, like Manna Dey, Talat Mehmood, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle and S.P. Balasubramanian lent their voice to Malayalam films. Even music directors like Naushad, Usha Khanna, Ravi Bombay and Ilaya Raja from other states composed music for Malayalam films.

 The uncrowned king of Malayalam playback singers, Yesudas, continues to be the most popular singer of Kerala even at the age of 77 and has, in no time, become a living prodigy. 

Kerala film industry doesn't go after the “modus operandi” type movie making similar to any other film industry in other South Indian industries. A lot of admiration has been given to the home art & literature. For this reason the local writers are instantaneously known for and their works are used for the movie scripts. Also there is a lot of respect for unadulterated humor and that's why any actor or script writer who is capable of good or decent humor has a great scope in this industry.

And last but not the least, it  undoubtedly because of a great audience who have a world of patience to watch every single of the immense drama or parallel cinemas that are releasedtime to time.