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Pulimurugan – The legendary Hunter

Pulimurugan’s roar is getting stronger and stronger day by day. Even on working days, all the release centers in Kerala are fully packed. Vysakh and Tomichan Mulakuppadam are joyous than ever, because they made their point that a 25+ Crore INR budget movie can get through in Malayalam film Industry. And the best part is, the movie has already broke even. That’s right, in 10 days.

Pulimurugan is all about Murugan’s (Mohanlal) battles against wild, wild humans and the predators. The movie also has etched the family background of Murugan in such a way to engage those who love drama. Apart from the star himself, Kamalini Mukherjee, Jagapati Babu, Lal, Vinu Mohan, Bala, Nobi, Suraj Venjaaramoodu, Siddique, Namitha and Nandhu plays the key roles along with other artists.

When Udaykrishna and Siby K Thomas declared that they are parting ways for good, everybody around them flooded all the networks posting their criticisms on how they will end up. Udaykrishna has replied like a boss, with the very first arrow from his quiver. Pulimurugan which he penned alone, is all set to be the highest grosser from our small industry.

Vysakh’s recurring collaborator Shaji Kumar led the Camera department and composed spectacular visuals. The main locations were Hang Son Dung caves – Vietnam, Silent Valley, Mamalakandam and Pooyamkutty forests.

Peter Hein’s stunt choreography is the backbone of the thriller. Almost all the stunts were choreographed in such a way that the border between cinematic and realistic stunts got thinner than ever. Most of the toughest stunts were done without a body double and that’s what makes the 56 year old Lalettan, the undefeated emperor of Malayalam Film Industry.

Making video with the engaging theme song Gopi Sundar is out and setting new records.

The makers are getting ready with the dubbed versions too. Telugu dubbed version will touch the silverscreens first, as Mohanlal has a huge fan base after the success of Janatha Garage and Manamantha (Vismayam). In pipeline, the sources confirmed that makers are planning to redub the movie in Hindi, English, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Murugan is on his way to the100 Crore club. Won’t take long!