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Pathemari – the ship has docked

The life of Non Resident Indians is quite a common plot in our industry, but Pathemari is one of its kind in many ways. It is the emotional transformation of family man, his family and his colleagues. Mammootty’s character, Pallikkal Narayanan is of course a representation of all those who migrate to faraway lands, to support their friends and family. The story unfolds in such a way that, all those who watch will be able to relate it to their lives or somebody else’s, whom they know well. And hence, the movie has already broken many box office records.

He was not at all exaggerating when he said those words, and once you watch the movie, you will know why the movie was a tight competition for the Marathi movie Court, in the race to be India’s Oscar Entry. With Pathemari, National Award winner Salim Ahamed has raised his own bar of epic storytelling.

During early 1980s, Pallikkal Narayanan (Mammootty) migrates to Middle-East, to selflessly support his family. The journey and hardships faced by Narayanan drives the story forward. Narayanan is one of the best ever performances by the 3 times National Award winner. And, the female lead Jewel Mary did her best as Narayanan’s wife Nalini. Supporting actors have also done their parts well, especially - Salim Kumar, Siddique and Sreenivasan.

The movie is also rich in terms of the efficient technicians worked in various departments – including, Academy Award winner Resool Pookkutty led the audiography department, National Award winner Madhu Ambat led the photography department, National award winning composer and playback singer Bijipal composed all the sound tracks and National Award Winner Pattanam Rasheed led the make-up artists.

The film will be screened at the 20th edition of International Film Festival of Kerala, under the category ‘Malayalam Cinema – Today’. Those who used to comment that Salim Ahamed’s narration is as slow as art-house cinemas won’t utter a word this time. As this story seeks audience to travel all along with Pallikkal Narayanan, Salim Ahamed has consciously improvised the pace of the narration. So, don’t miss this journey of a life time.