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Nee-na : a new take on urban relationships

As the title suggests, Nee-na unfolds through the lives of two women. Neena (Deepti Sati) is a young, tomboyish, chronic alchoholic and chain smoker. She works in an advertising firm as the Creative Director. Meanwhile, Nalini (Ann Augustine) is an elegant, charismatic and orthodox housewife. Her husband Vinay Panikkar (Vijay Babu) is the branch head of the advertising firm. Neena’s tale begins in St. Pietersburg, Russia, while Nalini’s tale sets forth in Mumbai and soon shifts the base to Cochin where Vinay relocates to, with his family. Both the tales converge when carefree Neena falls for Vinay. Movie takes another turn when Neena tries to kill herself and following events showcase one of its kind relationship drama.

Lal Jose presented Nee-na quite distinct from his past works, and has succeeded in elevating the script to a whole new level. R Venugopal who has penned the screenplay has done excellent homework and has pointed out subtle turns in relationships with his debut screenplay. Cinematographer Jomon T John has utilized perfect tones and textures to portray the urbane lifestyle. Original compositions by debutant Nikhil J Menon and background score by well renowned Bijibal have also won the interest of critics.

Nee-na is running successfully, because it involves audience in the narration. It is rather a movie which poses a lot of questions, instead of giving conventional answers. Watch it once, and those events which raise questions, will anchor there in your head for a while.