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Malabar, football, romance and humor

Muhsin Parari, the young director who garnered all positive response with his music album ‘Native Bapa’, is all set to raise the bar by debuting as a feature film director. KL – 10, penned and directed by Muhsin Parari, is said to be a comedy entertainer set on the backdrop of the Malabari football fever.

The male lead Unni Mukundan, portrays Ahmad who is a web journalist and local football player. Love of his life is an architect named Sadiya, portrayed by Chandini Sreedhar. Story takes a new turn as his mother accepts the challenge to compete in a local village council election, while his football team is supposed to win a very crucial game.

KL – 10 also stars Mamukoya, Sreenath Bhasi, Aju Varghese, Aneesh G Menon, Ahmed Siddique, Saiju Kurup, Neeraj Madhav along with many promising newbies.

Vishnu Narayan is the Director of Photography of the KL - 10, filmed in and around Malappuram and Kozhikkode. Bijibal has composed original sound tracks for this movie, produced by Alexander Mathew and Satheesh Mohan under the banner of  Double Decker Dreams, partnering with the well renowned LJ Films led by filmmaker Lal Jose.

The first official song teaser of KL – 10 is the new buzz all over the social media sites. Success of the song teaser is indeed augmenting the chances of this July release flick. Hopes are high.