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Loham – Real, very real

Loham – The Yellow Metal, is not a typical-clichéd Malayalam action thriller. Breaking all the conventional principles of the genre, director Ranjith has served us a motion picture close to reality, with lots of situational humor.

Loham begins at Calicut international airport, where friends, family and influential people accept the human remains of Rafeeq (Musthafa) from the customs authority. This sub-plot evolves with the back story of Rafeeq and his love of life (Mythili).

The main plot unfolds as, Jayanthi Ramesh (Andrea Jeremiah) arrives at Cochin International airport and a loquacious cab driver Raju (Mohanlal) comes to pick her up. Jayanthi is in search of her husband, a customs officer, who is missing since the day he cleared the remains of Musthafa at the Calicut airport a couple of days back. From then on, lot many supporting characters evolve the main plot and sub-plots in all directions, clogging the mystery thicker and thicker. The pace changes drastically after the first half as Jayanthi finds out that the man who was driving the cab is not a mere driver.

The interval punch is so intriguing enough to keep you glued to where you are sitting. That’s when the plot takes a huge turn. The best part is, blending perfectly with the scene, director Ranjith decided to play Nayak Nahi.. Khalnayak hoon main (Khalnayak – 1993) in the background. That’s right, the male lead transforms, stating that he is not a protagonist as you all might think, he is an antagonist.

The movie is quite unalike, because there are no protagonists. When a world where all are after smuggled gold is portrayed, there is no significance in uplifting some characters as protagonists, right? But, that doesn’t mean the entire movie is gray-ish, Loham is a much light-hearted version of organized crimes. In fact, one of the highlights is the scenes in which Lalettan advises other supporting characters. Yes, the social messages which Ranjith sir intentionally planted in between all the chaos.

Since the directorial debut with ‘Ravanaprabhu’(Yes, starring Mohanlal!) in 2001, knowingly or unknowingly, director Ranjith has been establishing and expanding his fan-base. He is also very keen in reviving movie-goers’ faith in him. Maybe this is the reason why he has more creative freedom to experiment and rejuvenate genres, than most of the other mainstream filmmakers.

Reports say, everything worked well this time also. Bagging 2 Crores 19 Lakhs INR on the very first day, Loham has broken all the previous opening day collection records of Malayalam film industry.

The yellow metal won’t disappoint you. Keep Calm and trust in Ranjith.