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Life of Josutty – Life, as the title suggests

Jeethu Joseph, the brain behind the highest grossing Malayalam movie ever, is back with a new portrayal. But as the title suggests, it is life, not even close to something like Drishyam. That doesn’t mean there is no filmic element at all. There is a tinge of fantasy  in this one, which makes it quite different from Jeethu’s previous works. The scenarist Rajesh Varma and director Jeethu Joseph plotted the route map of a man, born and brought up in a country side, getting relocated to New Zealand for a better life.

Jeethu Joseph debuted with a Crime thriller, Detective, in 2007 which didn’t get much raving reports. But especially after his 2013 blockbusters Memories and Drishyam, movie-goers count that he is at his best when he write and direct thrillers. But let me remind you something else, he has successfully portrayed (as key sub-plots) family and importance of familial bonds even in his crime thrillers. Also, Jeethu opted to do one of his most critically acclaimed movie Mummy and Me, which is a family drama, in 2010 when he had the first draft of Memories ready for shoot. See, he is a family man who always craves to film family subjects.

Life of Josutty is all about Josutty (Dileep) and his struggles to maintain balance in his life. He is an ordinary keralite, born in a middle class family which survives on farming. He falls in love with his childhood friend Jessy (Rachana Naranankutty), but they are not meant to be together. His family is sunk in debts and to support them, he marries a divorcee nurse, Rose (Jyothi Krishna), who is well settled in New Zealand. His slow transition to a non-resident Indian drives the story forward.

Anil Johnson who has collaborated twice with Jeethu composed the Original Soundtracks and Background music. Santhosh Varma penned the lyrics, which has helped the songs to merge well with the plot.

Ravichandran has directed the camera department for Jeethu and quite intestingly, you will notice that his scenic visuals of Idukki are standing out when compared with those of New Zealand’s. The movie is produced by Jayalal Menon and Anil Biswas, under the banner of Backwater Studios based in New Zealand. Also, this will be marked as Eros International’s first Malayalam distribution venture.

Do you wanna know how an ordinary man’s slow paced life would turn out to be interesting? Head to the nearest screen where we are playing Life of Josutty.