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Kunjiramayanam – Wacky victor

Kunjiramayanam, the directorial debut of Basil Joseph, is a logic-less fun movie with an ensemble cast, led by Vineeth Sreenivasan, Dhyan Sreenivasan, Aju Varghese, Srinda Ashab, Sneha Unnikrishnan and Arya Rohit. Wait till end, two other main characters will make their entrance by the climax.

Kunjiramayanam begins with the voice over introduction by Biju Menon, who states that the story is set in a rural village named Desham and residents of Desham don’t use their brain much. Kunjiraman’s (Vineeth Sreenivasan) fight with his cousin Lalu (Dhyan Sreenivasan) leads to family rivalry and Kunjiraman flies chasing the typical Dubai dreams. Later when he returns on leave to get married, problems light up like Christmas tree and the humorous battle begins between Kunjiraman, Kanjuttan (Neeraj Madhav) and Sasi (Deepak Parambol) against Lalu, Cutpiece Kuttan (Aju Varghese) and Welldone Vasu (Mamukkoya).

Debutant Basil Joseph who has assisted Vineeth Sreenivasan in Thira, is familiar to the web world. All of his short films (released in 2012-13) have aced in record viewership and all of them garnered positive responses too. Deepu Pradeep, who is also a blogger, penned the story and dialogues of Kunjiramayanam for Basil.

Vishnu Sharma cranked the camera for Basil, and his portrayal of Desham will provoke nostalgia in you for sure. Suvin K Varkey produced this movie under the banner of A Little Big Films. As far as the Box Office success is concerned, Suvin and his executives are going to laugh all the way to the Bank. Kunjiramayanam is 3 weeks old now, but all the theaters playing Kunjiramayanam are packed and according to the reports, the collection has surpassed every other Onam release.

The original song compositions and background score by Justin Prabhakaran are icing on the cake. This is not Justin’s debut venture. Sound engineering grad Justin who has worked under Harris Jayaraj, has independently composed for more than 55 short films, 2 Tamil movies and 6 other movies are in pipeline. No wonder why all 4 songs of Kunjiramayanam album are topping all chartbusters of this season, especially Paavada by Daya Bijipal and the Salsa by Masala Coffee band.

Salsa Song :

Paavada Song Making Video ft Daya Bijipal :

Vineeth Sreenivasan portrayed Kunjiraman so naturally, and in many scenes you will actually find it very hard to distinguish him from the legend Sreenivasan himself. The story unfolds in an Utopian period and makers have consciously avoided every detail which might point to the time period (Remember the movie Amen?).

Do you love the set-ups and portrayals in movies like Mutharamkunnu P.O. and Peruvannapurathe Visheshangal? Then you will love everyone and everything in and around Desham also.

Wanna give rest to your brain and laugh out loud? Kuniramayanam is the solution. Period