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KL – 10 : The Pulse of Malabar

The Box Office Collection reports says that, our prediction on KL – 10 came true. Yes, the movie is running in packed houses all over Kerala. A couple of months ago we blogged that, “the first official song teaser of KL – 10 is the new buzz all over the social media sites.” And, “Success of the song teaser is indeed augmenting the chances of this July release flick. Hopes are high. ”

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Malayalam movies with regional slangs have never failed to grab the attention and with this one, debutant Muhsin Parari is also inviting us to explore the Malabari food, culture and the football craze of locals. Flim starts with the monologue of Sreenath Bhasi, who stars as a Jinn aka Genie (That’s right a Genie!). He narrates the story of a villager Ahmed and how he balances his love and his football frenzy all at the same time. As a whole, the movie is all about Ahmed’s life in and around Malappuram, on the ground and his romance. But the young director has succeeded in bagging the youth and family audience. In big numbers!

The male lead, Unni Mukundan, has already stated that, KL – 10 has became a turning point in his life and career. The same holds true for the female lead, Chandini Sreedhar, who has already signed contracts to do lead roles in some Tamil ventures.

The young cast and crew hard worked a lot to release the movie on Eid itself and, now they are celebrating the triumph. Don’t hesitate to watch this even if you are totally an alien to the Malabari slang. After all, movie is a language on its own.

Still doubtful? Watch this latest hit video song, sung and composed by Bijibal. And then, decide for yourself.

Duniyavin (KL-10) – Official Video Song :