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Kali – Rage, Love and Redemption

As the title suggests, Sameer  Tahir’s third directorial venture ‘Kali’, is all about rage and redemption from it. But the theme is not so shallow as it sounds. What will happen if an adorable girl falls in love with an angry young man? How would she cope with his short temper, if destiny leads them to marriage? Will he overcome this turbulent behavior to keep serenity in the post-marriage life? The answers to these questions are stitched together brilliantly in Rajesh Gopinathan’s screenplay, and Sameer Tahir narrated it with refreshingly woven visuals.

Siddharth (Dulquer) has lost his temper again and he shouts at his wife, Anjali (Sai Pallavi). Regardless it is night, she moves out of her apartment alone, carrying her bags. Siddharth who knows well that Anjali is the reason why his life is smooth, and goes after her. He is also aware that he is the reason behind the uneasiness in most cases, and Anjali is not a quarrelsome - nagging wife. Who are these couple and why are they quarrelling each other are explained utilizing a long car journey as the base. Once the characters and the situation are established well, the second half of the movie takes new turns into a darker tone. When the antagonists cross paths with the couple, Siddharth tries his best to control his anger. Else, he will lose everything.

Each and everybody in the cast performed exemplarily. Especially Dulquer, Sai Pallavi, Chemban Vinod Jose and Vinayakan. The only unfavorable element that stands out is Sai Pallavi’s Malayalam dubbing. But as her role Malar(Premam) is imprinted in everyone, we wouldn’t have accepted any other voice for her. And most importantly, her performance on screen is compensating for the sound. The way Anjaly (Sai Pallavi) convinces Siddharth (Dulquer) that he needs her by his side to tame the anger is so natural. Organic.

Sound designers and their team also deserve applause. Coming to the music section, The romantic song compositions have helped the flashback portions extensively. Gopi Sundar has once again drawn inspiration from acclaimed foreign compositions to re-create something to make Malayalam audience hold their breath and watch the movie. He re-composed Daniel Pemberton’s  “Take you down” Original Sound Track and added the flavor of traditional Chenda beats rhythmically.

Director of Photography Girish Gangadharan did a hell of a job. The way he gave that incandescent tone to the entire night scenes look so natural. Some night chase scenes are incomparable too. National award winner Vivek Harshan’s invisible editing is another reason why you people wouldn’t move from the edge of your seats.

Kali is a romantic thriller, but it has much more to offer. So what are you waiting for?