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Ivide – Not an investigative thriller

Is it an investigative thriller? No, not even close to one.

So, what is it then? It is a vibrant slow paced ‘Shyamaprasad’ drama - focusing on flawed human psyche, confused relationships, corporate politics and worries of unemployed Americans.

Varun Blake (Prithviraj) who was adopted by an American couple when he was 6 and brought up on US soil. He is now an Atlanta PD detective, who is still trying cope up with his failed marriage and anger issues.  Krish Hebbar (NivinPauly), who secured a successful fate after muddling through poverty and miseries, is now the acting CEO of Infotech, an Indian IT company which is a headache for unemployed locals. Roshni Mathew (Bhavana), a newly enrolled employee of Infotech, who happens to be also Krish’s highschool classmate. And yes, Roshni is also Varun’s ex-wife. The story of Ivide takes off from this platform to complexities caused by a serial killer who is out at the large targeting Indian IT professionals.

As usual, Shyamaprasad has created a complex poem on human emotions with visuals. Cinematography by Eric Dickinson, who is unfamiliar with our clichéd gradients and tones, has did his best and presented whole new enriched visuals. National Award winner Gopi Sunder’s background score also has backed Shyamaprasad’s narration a lot.

Quite interestingly, the corporate life and office politics are loosely based on histories and controversies of 3 of the most economically stable IT firms. You will witness bits and pieces of Wipro’s history as refined oil manufacturer, IGate scandal and nepotism happening in Infosys.

Ivide is a Kichdi, which points towards lot many issues, emotions and human flaws. If you love watching Shamaprasad hits, Ivide won’t disappoint you.