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Ennu Ninte Moideen – River, Rain and Romance

With the debut Ennu Ninte Moideen, R. S. Vimal has cemented his place among the most sought after filmmakers ever. The brave true love story between B. P. Moideen and Kanchana Mala drew his attention a decade ago and eventually in 2006, he did the well renowned documentary ‘Jalam Kond Murivettaval’ (One who was wounded by water). He  didn’t stop his researches there, and he embraced it when it became an obsession. Believe it or not, since quitting his job in 2009, he was working on this project and now all his sacrifices have paid off.

Unni Moideen Sahib (Saikumar) and Madhavan (Sashi Kumar) were family friends and naturally their kids Moideen (Prithviraj) and Kanchana (Parvathy Menon) befriended each other since school days. Even though they parted ways opting distinct careers, in quite non-theatrical means they fell in love. Indian families thrive on centuries old customs and Inter-faith romance is still a taboo. So you can imagine the hardships to love somebody who belonged to another religion in 60s and 70s. When both the family learned all about their secret romance, Moideen was forced to leave his ancestral home and Kanchana Mala was put under house arrest. And quite poetically their story evolved into new levels, till Iruavazhanji river’s intervention.

All credits to Vimal for hiring Jomon T John as the Director of Photography, because aesthetically the movie is world class. You will actually feel like stepping out to get soaked in rain. The visuals of Mukkam, Iruvazhanji river and the unending rain are that much enticing. There are no loose ends in the screenplay, so when you are watching it you will actually lose track of time. On papers the movie is too long, but you won’t feel it that way. Editor Mahesh Narayanan has done a hell of job in sticking on with right enough pace.

The original soundtracks by M Jayachandran, Ramesh Narayan and Gopi Sunder are stupendous. Also, the background score by Gopi Sunder plays a key role in anchoring the theme in our mind.

Suresh Raj, Binoy Shankarath and Ragy Thomas funded this project, under the banner of Newton movies. The big budget movie is now in safe ‘break even’ zone. In Kerala, the movie was released on September 19th and the estimated Box Office Collections till Oct 6th (after 18 days) has crossed 19 Crores. If the latest reports are to be believed, under R. S. Vimal’s direction, Prithviraj will portray Moideen once again in the Tamil version of the story.

We think Ennu Ninte Moideen is a timeless classic. Hopefully, this movie will bag some State and National film Awards too. Catch the movie on nearest screen and let us know your thoughts.