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Chandrettan Evideya – Distintive Dileep Humour

Sidharth Bharathan’s second directorial venture Chandrettan Evideya, penned by renowned writer Santhosh Echikkanam, has brought back family audience into theatres. Definitely, in big numbers.

Chandramohan aka Chandrettan (Dileep) is a government employee who works at the State Legislative Assembly. He is a celebrated columnist as well, who concentrates more on Classical dance performances. His wife Sushama (Anusree), is yet another cute bubbly village girl who is so possessive about her husband. On a devotional trip to Tanjavur, a Naadi Astrologer predicts that Chandramohan will reunite with his previous incarnation’s lover, who was a dancer. Subsequently, Geethanjali (Namitha Pramod), who is a passionate dancer but doctor by profession, befriends Chandramohan. The ensuing fun-filled events direct the story forward.

Under the banner of Handmade films, cinematographers who have also showcased their directorial talents Sameer Thahir and Shyju Khalid, along with Ashiq Usman funded for this project. Director Siddharth Bharathan who believes that beauty of a feature film is in the eyes of its cinematographer, vested the responsibilities of Director of Photography on producer Shyju Khalid’s shoulders as well .

Throughout the movie, Dileep’s character is on that thin line that divides humor from seriousness. It seems, Dileep’s out of that slapstick comedy mould, which indeed is joyous news for all the Malayalam movie buffs. Anusree has excelled as usual, after all cinemagoers will never forget how she etched the character ‘Kalamandalam Rajashree’ in movie ‘Diamond Necklace. Performances by Soubin Shahir, Chemban Vinod and KPAC Lalitha have also garnered appreciation from the audience.

Another attraction of the movie is incomparable original sound track composition by Prashant Pillai.

Do let us know your opinions about this family entertainer, which is marked as Dileep’s comeback.