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Bhaskar the Rascal : Siddique-Mammukka duo’s third victory

After Hitler and Chronic Bachelor, Siddique’s third association with Mammootty is also a blockbuster. Siddique who is well acclaimed for the situational humor sequences in his movies, has proved it again that his fan-base is real huge.

Bhaskaran (Mammootty) is an arrogant; thrusting business magnate or rather all the hardships he suffered in his life formed his so called cocky attitude. He is a single parent who loves his son Aadi (Master Sanoop) the most. Earlier, his father Sankaranarayanan (Janardhanan) who was a wealthy businessman, fell in the traps of financial crisis and everyone abandoned him. That’s why Bhaskaran set off to conquer business empires and eventually became loaded than his rivals. His cocky attitude earns him the nick name Rascal, about which Aadi is unhappy.  Meanwhile Aadi’s classmate Shivani (Baby Anikha) is an ardent fan of Bhaskaran, who is bought up by her endearing mother Hima (Nayanthara), who is also a small scale entrepreneur.  The kids want their parents to get married,  and even Bhaskaran approves it. But Hima is dispirited about this and some never known before twisted events directs the story forward.

The visuals of a song in the film, “I love you Mummy”, featuring Nayanthara and Baby Anikha is said to be mere copycat of the Arabic Album “I love you Mamma” by Hala Al Turk. This allegation was spreading like plague on almost on all the social media platforms, but Siddique admitted that he loved the album so much and thought that the visuals will be apt for his movie as both the situations are alike. His words that, lyrics and music are entirely distinct, has somehow extinguished the widespread rumors.

If reports are substantiating, producers are in talk with Siddique for a Hindi remake. Are you someone who would love to laugh at string of comedies? Well, then this is a perfect pick for you and your family.