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Anarkali – Rebirth of Salim & Anarkali

Platonic romance thriller, Anarkali, starring Prithviraj Sukumaran and Priya Gor is doing good at Box Office. Anarkali marks the directorial debut of screenwriter Sachy aka Sachidanandan.

Shantanu (Prithviraj Sukumaran) sails to Kavaratti, to join as the deep sea diving instructor.  He is actually there to  find some means to contact and meet his love of life.  To convince his best friend Zachariah (Biju Menon), he narrates his perspective and drives the story ahead.

Sachy-Sethu duo began their journey back in 2007, and a few years back they temporarily parted their ways to expand their individual ideas. Sachy took a break after penning the screenplays of Run Baby Run and Chettayees, to research and set off for Anarkali.

Prithviraj and Priyal Gor have done their part well. Especially Prithviraj, who have portrayed the transition of character Shantanu in most pristine quality. As usual, Biju Menon stole the show as protagonist’s sidekick. In many scenes, you will notice that Biju Menon is bagging even more applause than the male and female leads. Miya who portrays another pivotal role has also bagged immense praises with outstanding dialogue delivery at the end. Another attraction about the cast list is that five filmmakers - V.K. Prakash, Shyamaprasad, Madhupal, Major Ravi and Renji Panicker have starred in this movie to fulfill Sachy’s dream. Rest of the cast includes Kabir Bedi, Arun, Suresh Krishna, Samskruthy Shenoy, Sudev Nair and many other experienced artists.

Sujith Vassudev’s cinematography is the best of this year so far. The scenic beauty of Lakshadweep was alien for Malayalam screens, even though legendary filmmaker Ramu Karyat’s Dweep (1977) was shot in Lakshadweep. By cranking camera for Sachy, Sujith Vassudev has re-written the history. He has extensively used aerial and God’s view shots to make everyone fall in love with Lakshadweep.

The original soundtracks and background score by Vidyasagar are refreshing as well. Rajeev Nair produced this Romantic-thriller under the banner of Magic Moon Productions.

Do write back to us, about this visual treat.