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Action Hero “Biju” – Collage about a cop’s life

Action Hero “Biju” is indeed a ride with a Police Officer. There is a saying that, for every filmmaker, his second movie is more important than his first. If second movie is also a blockbuster, then he will establish a fan-base of his own. Abrid Shine’s debut ‘1983’ was one of the highest grosser of 2014, and now after 2 years of extensive research and hard work, he has struck again with Action Hero “Biju”. Action Hero “Biju” is one of its kind police procedural drama, but literally there is no drama in it. Every scene, every frame is close to reality. It is more than any other Malayalam cop thriller I have ever witnessed on silverscreens.

Biju Paulose (Nivin Pauly) is a honest Sub-inspector who is in charge of a Janamythri Police Station located in Ernakulam North. He quit teaching profession to keep law and order intact. Civilians love and adore his approach, and yes, goons and anti-socials are scared of him. The movie starts by revealing that Biju is engaged to Benitta (Anu Emmanuel) and Biju is quite a familial guy. But from the very next scene, you will know how he beat the pulp out of goons. From then on, the movie follows Biju and gives an idea how he forms resolutions for all the official complaints. It is collage of unavoidable circumstances a Kerala police officer face in his day to day life.

Director and his crew have invested a lot of time to cast fresh faces, which has helped the movie in many ways. Each and every one of the experienced artists and newbies have done justice to their characters. Nivin Pauly, Anu Emmanuel, Joju George, Prajod Kalabhavan, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Rony Davis, Saiju Kurup, Jude Anthony Joseph, Major Ravi, Parvathy, Rohini, Malavika, Baby, Mary and Suresh – are the names that will pop up in your mind as examples of flawless on screen performances. I’m sure I have missed the names of many artists who have done excellent cameo roles.

Alex J. Pulickal’s debut as an independent cinematographer will impress you in many instances. He is not someone who use heli-cam for the sake of including some aerial visuals. His visuals won’t distract you away from the narration. Nivin Pauly and Shibu Thekkumpuram funded for the project under the banner of Pauly Junior Pictures and Full On Studios. This movie also marks the debut of Nivin Pauly as a Producer.

Veteran musician Jerry Amaldev’s compositions and Rajesh Murugesan’s background scores have raised the visuals to whole new level. 76 year old Jerry Amaldev was not active in Malayalam industry for decades. ‘No.1 Snehatheeram Bangalore North’ (1995) is the last known film that he had composed. His OSTs “Pookkal Panineer” and “Oonjaalil aadi vann” will take you back to his golden age, meanwhile “Hara hara” with fast beats will prove that he is old but not obsolete.

Abrid Shine and Muhammed Shafeeq penned the screenplay breaking all the conventions like 3 – act structure, to refine this masterpiece. The movie is also rich in terms of fresh situational humor. “Biju” doesn’t have a main antagonist, he don’t have special weaponry, he don’t visit pubs and dance for item numbers. All he is good at is solving maximum issues before the intervention of judiciary. Wanna know why Kerala is still considered as the safest state? Come watch this movie.

PS: “Biju” is in double quotations for a reason. As Biju is one among the most common keralite name, it is meant to represent all the honest police officers from middle class backgrounds. Abrid Shine must have chose this name particularly to portray that his protagonist is an underrated action hero, but a common man.

Here are some of the posters that went viral after the release of the movie :

(All credits to those who made and shared these posters.)