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7 Female Characters Malayalam Cinema Can Never Forget

Malayalam Cinemas has always been bold enough to come out with both female-centric movies and movies with strong female characters. Here, we would like to rekindle our memory to some of the most amazing performances by some of the most amazing actresses in roles, that can never be forgotten by Malayalam Cinema.





1. Nagavalli/Ganga – Shobhana in Manichitrathaazhu

Hailed as one of the best films in Malayalam, the movie secured Shobhana both the State and National Award for her mesmerizing performance. Shobhana plays the role of a loving housewife who is possessed by a ferocious revenge seeker. An enthralling performance by Shobhana in one of the best directed movies of our times, adds to the beauty of the film in leaps and bounds.







2. Clara – Sumalatha in Thoovanathumbikal

One of the most enigmatic roles in Indian Cinema, Sumalatha plays Clara in this Padmarajan classic. A young girl who is pushed into prostitution by her own step-mother, Clara is a strong woman who finds dignity even in the flesh trade she has to get involved in. Sumalatha does great justice to the role with her tender portrayal that adds to uniqueness of Clara’s identity.








3. Raji – Seema in Avalude Ravukal

Seema’s debut role did turn a lot of heads in the industry. At a time when all leading actresses declined to play the role of a prostitute, Seema’s debut was a bold step in the industry. A creation of the legendary director I. V Sasi, this 1978 movie revolves around a teenage prostitute and the people she’s involved with.








4. Tessa – Rima Kallingal in 22 Female Kottayam

A 2012 Aashiq Abu product, 22 Female Kottayam remains as one of the best female centric movies in recent times. Rima plays the role of a nursing student who is cheated upon by her boyfriend and raped; and eventually goes on to take her revenge in a really appalling way.








5. Nandini – Revathi in Kilukkam

Though not a serious role as most of the others in this list, no Malayali can ever forget the adorable (and at times irritating) Nandini from the 1991 favourite. Though Mohanlal won the State Award for best actor in the movie, Revathi’s role is still considered one of the highlights of this epic comedy.








6. Unniyaarcha – Madhavi in Oru Vadakan Veergatha

In what was mostly a male dominated movie, Madhavi plays the role of an aristocratic vixen who is as mysterious as she’s enigmatic. Donning her role with flair, Madhavi does justice to bringing out the fieriness of the folklore of Unniyaarcha to the screen.








7. Bhadra – Manju Warrier in Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu

No list of unforgettable Malayalam movie female characters would be complete without having Manju Warrier in the list. In this 1999 release, Manju plays the role of Bhadra, a daring but sensuous girl who is on the path to avenge the death of her parents in a rather skillful manner. The role secured her a Special Jury National Film Award.